There are bills in the State Legislature and Congress that affect gun owners and shooting sports. When we get information on these bills, we will post it here.

Here are links to Illinois State and Federal legislators so you can contact them to let them know your opinions of these bills:

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Fingerprint Registry Included in Illinois FOID Fix Bill

Fingerprint Registry Included in
                                Illinois FOID Fix Bill

Legislation being considered in the Land of Lincoln would require a fingerprint registry in order to obtain an Illinois Firearms Owners Identification card, which would also hike fees by five times and reduce the time for renewal by half of the current valid period. The legislation is the reaction the tragic murders in Aurora, Illinois, when a convicted felon was discovered to have obtained a FOID card, ordered to surrender it, but no state authority attempted to collect the card or the felon’s firearm. Giffords gun control advocate David Chipman said fingerprints are the standard gun controllers want. It was reported that 34,000 Illinoisans have had their FOID cards revoked, but as many as 80 percent of them may still be in possession of those cards and the illegally-possessed firearms. NSSF opposes this legislation as it doesn’t address the problem of criminals obtaining firearms, but only puts more obstacles in the way of exercising Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens.

-National Shooting Sports Foundation

Don’t let yourself become a criminal!

Latest legislative news from the NSSF:

Sen. Feinstein Wants NZ-Style Gun Bans

Sen. Feinstein Wants NZ-Style Gun Bans

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) tweeted this week “the U.S. should follow suit” after New Zealand banned an entire class of firearms, as well as shotguns capable of using detachable magazines. She isn’t the only one. Presidential hopeful and gun control advocate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted a similar call for a ban. Neither mentioned the right to keep and bear arms protects Americans’ ability to own the more than 16 million modern sporting rifles in private ownership today. They also didn’t note it would take a constitutional amendment to change that. But Sen. Feinstein didn’t stop there. She used the anniversary of the tragic murders at Virginia Tech to call for more gun control, without acknowledging the murderer was a prohibited individual whose records weren’t submitted to the FBI and the college campus is a gun-free zone. NSSF opposes calls for bans on entire classes of firearms.

Ill. Lawmaker Pushes for Firearm Health Warnings

Illinois Lawmaker Pushed for Firearm Health Warnings

Illinois state Rep. Kathleen Willis (D) wants a public health warning attached to the state-required Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) card. ​​​​​​HB 96 would require a printed form from the State Police be included with a FOID that warns, “The presence of a firearm has been associated with an increased risk of death to self and others…” NSSF opposes these measures as they don’t contribute to public safety and only serve to conflate criminal justice concerns with public health in an effort to exert gun control.

N.J. Magazine Ban Results in Zero Turn-Ins

N.J. Magazine Ban Results in Zero Turn-Ins

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law in 2018 banning the sale and possession of standard capacity magazines, limiting gun owners to only those capable of holding just 10 rounds or less. New Jersey residents were required to either modify existing magazines, destroy, transfer or turn them into police. Ammoland.com followed up with N.J. State Police with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and officials confirmed there hasn’t been a single magazine surrendered but added they could have been surrendered to local police. Ammoland reporters checked there too and couldn’t find any confirmed turn-ins. In fact, what they found was confusion from local law enforcement as to how they would enforce the ban, especially since there could be as many as 10 million standard capacity magazines in The Garden State.

-National Shooting Sports Foundation

Gun Buybacks Paper Over Ineffective Gun Control

Gun Buybacks Paper Over Ineffective Gun Control

Gun buyback programs are back in the news in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in New Zealand. As we have discussed before, the only thing these programs tend to accomplish is to waste taxpayer money on a useless collection of old, broken or simply unwanted firearms from non-criminals. Read Larry Keane’s post on why gun buybacks don’t work.

-National Shooting Sports Foundation

New Zealand Gun Ban Won’t Translate to the U.S.

New Zealand Gun Ban Won’t Translate to U.S.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced and enacted a sweeping gun ban and confiscation in her nation in less than a week. Gun control advocates cheered and wondered aloud if such a measure could be enacted here. It’s hardly likely, thanks to the Founding Fathers’ foresight. The Second Amendment ensures, and the Supreme Court reaffirmed in the Heller decision, that firearms ownership is an individual right. Aside from that, New Zealand has a population of 4.8 million with 1.5 million firearms in ownership compared to the United States’ 327 million and as many as 400 million firearms in lawful private ownership.

-National Shooting Sports Foundation

HB4107 Introduced on October 5, 2017, Illinois House

This is a grab bag of gun control wishes. Magazine ban, the broadest semi-auto ban, .50 cal ban, registration, bump stock ban and others. Please call or email your State Representative and ask them not to support this bill.

Click here see the status and to read the details of the bill (changes to the law are underlined): ILLINOIS HB4107

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