Ruger has found that on certain 9mm American pistols, premature wear can cause a crack to develop near the ejection port of the slide. While this doesn’t generally occur below round counts near 10,000, it is easily inspected for and the retrofit to repair the problem is free and simple. It is also of note that the crack will be clear and visible long before the firearm becomes unsafe to shoot.

These issues are only present on certain Ruger American pistols in 9mm that have a silver barrel. Any models with a black nitride barrel, or guns in calibers other than 9mm, shouldn’t have any need to inspect.

Three spots on the firearm can be inspected for excess wear. The first is the top of the barrel hood where the barrel meets the slide. The second area is on the slide, likewise where the barrel and slide meet. In each of these areas, some wear is expected, but evidence of heavy wear or repeated impacts between parts are indicative of the issue. The third location is on the slide on the right side at the back of the ejection port. In this area, look for any signs of cracking. If any of these are evident, the gun should be sent in.

For information on which serial numbers can be affected, a video demonstrating the inspection process and what to look for, or more details on getting the retrofit, head to Ruger’s Safety bulletin here: