What is the best gun for concealed carry?

I get this question a lot! The answer is different for everyone.  How are you going to carry it, belt holster, inside the waistband, pocket holster, or off body carry (fanny pack, shoulder bag, etc.)?

Belt holster and off body carry are going to be the most comfortable. You will also be able to more readily carry a larger firearm , more ammo and accessories. The downside is that this type of carry system will be the hardest to hide or the hardest to access (off body carry).

Inside the waistband (IWB) will be the easiest to conceal because the holster and part of the gun will be hidden inside your pants. Depending on your body type and height IWB usually means you carry a smaller firearm as well. IWBs may also lead to wardrobe changes, slightly larger pants, untucked shirts…..that kind of thing. Remember concealed carry guns are comforting not comfortable!

The good news is now that it will be legal the world is your oyster! You ultimately will need more than one gun and carry system. Nothing is perfect and your carry will be constantly changing and evolving. GAT Guns will be here to ease the evolution with the newest products and the most concealed carry knowledge in the Midwest!

Carry on!

– Andy Sweeney

Andy has been on staff at GAT for over 3 years and is an accomplished practical pistol competitor. Also, while living in Virginia, concealed and carried daily for over 10 years.