Fingerprint Registry Included in
                                Illinois FOID Fix Bill

Legislation being considered in the Land of Lincoln would require a fingerprint registry in order to obtain an Illinois Firearms Owners Identification card, which would also hike fees by five times and reduce the time for renewal by half of the current valid period. The legislation is the reaction the tragic murders in Aurora, Illinois, when a convicted felon was discovered to have obtained a FOID card, ordered to surrender it, but no state authority attempted to collect the card or the felon’s firearm. Giffords gun control advocate David Chipman said fingerprints are the standard gun controllers want. It was reported that 34,000 Illinoisans have had their FOID cards revoked, but as many as 80 percent of them may still be in possession of those cards and the illegally-possessed firearms. NSSF opposes this legislation as it doesn’t address the problem of criminals obtaining firearms, but only puts more obstacles in the way of exercising Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens.

-National Shooting Sports Foundation