Illinois FOID card applications and renewals have been taking longer than normal, with some waiting longer than 100 days to receive their FOID. Recent reports show that there are more than 60,000 pending applications for FOID.

The Illinois State Police are looking to make improvements to their call center; however there is currently no timeline for its completion. Meanwhile, millions of dollars have been diverted from the State Police Firearm Services Fund.

Illinois residents are experiencing delays in getting their Firearms Owners Identification Cards renewed, affecting thousands, and are now learning that $30 million in funds from processing fees were diverted away from programs designed to streamline the process.

The Illinois State Police have been extremely difficult to reach for questions and assistance. If you are waiting on your FOID or Concealed Carry application and have had no success reaching out to the Illinois State Police, we suggest voicing your concerns to your Illinois Representatives. When contacting your reps, please remember to be nice and polite.

Contact your representatives:

Anna Moeller
Illinois House District 43
Cristina Castro
Illinois Senate District 22
JB Pritzker
Office of the Governor
217.782.6830 or 217.782.6831