Illinois Concealed Carry License Application

  • We will assist you in applying for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.  The filing fee is $35.00 for our students, or $40.00 for walk-ins.
  • We do the electronic fingerprinting for $65.00 ($55.00, if you take your class at GAT Guns).  Fingerprints are not required, but we recommend them as they will speed up the processing of your application by up to six weeks.
  • We do the ID photos – 2 are required.  One goes to the Illinois State Police with the fingerprints, while the other goes with the CCL application.  Prices above include the ID photos.
  • Applications are done during normal store hours.
  • On days that we have IL CCL classes, applications are done at the end of the class. We have two computers for doing applications.

What is needed to do a CCL application:

  • A certificate signed by the instructor showing completion of the training.
  • Documents that show other qualified training or military service
  • A valid FOID card and Driver’s License or State ID
  • ID photo
  • Documents are scanned to be transmitted to the ISP.
  • Knowledge of the previous 10 years of your home addresses, including dates.
  • Please have your existing Username and Password for the Illinois State Police website available. 


The Illinois Concealed Carry License is $150.00 plus a $3.53 credit card surcharge for a total of $153.53. The fee for non-residents is $300.00 plus a $6.75 credit card surcharge for a total of $306.75. 

The Illinois State Police are accepting Concealed Carry License applications from residents of Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia. These are the only states where Illinois will issue non-resident licenses because they have laws similar to Illinois.

For GAT Guns to complete the entirety of the application with ID photos, the fee is $35.00 for our students ($40.00 for walk-ins).

Fingerprints are normally $65, or $55 when taken with our Concealed Carry Program.

The change of name or address fee is $100.00. Replacement for a lost/stolen Concealed Carry is $105.00


The Illinois State Police now allow you to renew your Concealed Carry License 180 days ahead of your expiration date.

We offer the required 3-hour Renewal Course that you will need to apply. Click here for more details.

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Note: The Ranges Close 1/2 Hour Before The Store Closes

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  • Easter - CLOSED
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GAT Guns Training accepts Credit Cards.